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Who is the Corsa della Bora Trail 57 km recommended for?

The Corsa della Bora Trail 57 km is recommended for those who are looking for an ultra without the steep slopes of summer alpine races but still want to experience rocky terrain reminiscent of the Dolomite peaks. The route offers fast and runnable sections interspersed with short panoramic stretches that require greater technical skill. The amount of elevation gain and the distance resemble pre-alpine and central Italy races, but the terrain is certainly not that of hills. It alternates between rocky terrain, dirt paths, and gravel. Wearing trail running shoes is essential, and even in wet or muddy conditions, the muddy sections are limited. This race is ideal for starting the season or getting closer to the world of ultras in preparation for longer distances in the future. There are no exposed sections. There are no boring or connecting segments: the entire course is panoramic, constantly changing, and with only a few hundred meters of asphalt. We have developed a complex logistics plan to create a unique experience in a point-to-point race.

Discovering the Corsa della Bora: 57 km, step by step!

The enchantment of the 57 km Bora Race begins at the break of dawn, with the start from the Basovizza border. Here, at the onset of winter, runners gather, illuminated by a silver moon and flickering lights, ready to embark on an epic adventure.

In the first kilometers, approximately around km 5, runners venture towards the ascent of Monte Cocusso. Suspended between Italy and Slovenia, the mountain reigns sovereign over the landscape, a giant of stone and green, slumbering on cold winter days. At the summit, a breathtaking view unfolds, with the breeze whispering stories of two nations and the Gulf of Trieste and Capodistria peacefully lying in the distance.

The journey continues, after a long descent to the valley, up the Path of Friendship, reached around km 10. This path, carved over time by shepherds and farmers, is now a symbol of unity and brotherhood. Following in their footsteps, runners venture into the depths of winter, glimpsing the enchantment of past seasons and the harmony of nature.

The adventure continues to the Castle of San Servolo, a piece of history around km 15. This place, shrouded in mystery and antiquity, offers a respite from the race, providing a rare glimpse into an immortal past, reaching out to the blue of the Gulf of Trieste with the limestone fortress at its feet.

After a panoramic descent, the Bora Race enters the marvelous Val Rosandra. Here, around km 20, the encounter with Rifugio Premuda offers a rejuvenating pause. Within the walls of this mountain oasis at sea level, one feels the promise of spring, a whisper amidst the winter cold.

Beyond the halfway point, around km 35, runners reach Opicina and the renowned “Napoleonica” path. Here, Napoleon’s road provides panoramic views that open onto the azure sea and snow-capped mountains in the background, an enchanting winter painting suspended between sky and earth, sea and mountains.

The journey continues to Prosecco, around km 40. Here, amid golden vineyards even in the heart of winter and breathtaking panoramas, one breathes the tranquility of winter, as if the world awaits a spring awakening. Did you know that Prosecco wine was born on these slopes by the seaside?

The trail continues to the San Primo Viewpoint, a magical place around km 45. The view from this panoramic spot is a natural fresco of enchanting beauty, unfurled beneath the winter blanket. It is a must to pause for a photo!

Finally, the trail enters the Sage Trail in Aurisina, around km 50. This trail, fragrant from the smell of wild sage in the warm months and fantastic to run in the cold ones, leads to the final stretch of the race.

The race culminates in triumph on the Costa dei Barbari, with the last kilometers on the rocky beach. This arrival, anything but predictable, will require the full dedication, both mental and physical, of the runners. But it is here that the true beauty of the Corsa della Bora Race unveils itself, amidst the roar of the waves and the last breath of winter.

In this race, every kilometer tells a story, and every step unveils a different landscape. The Bora Race – Corsa della Bora – is a journey through the seasons, a tale of resilience and beauty, a challenge, and a celebration of the grandeur of winter. Each participant will leave a part of themselves on these trails and carry with them the memories of an unforgettable experience.


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The Paradise for Winter Running and Trail Running, the ideal destination for running lovers: a spectacular track, with continuous variations of landscape and background. A unique scenario that embodies the characteristics of the high mountains, but by the sea.


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