S1 Ultra – News

We have closed the registrations and evaluated all the profiles of the 164 km competitors and established two starting grids. Check the online list at what time you can leave.


Please note: if you have been inserted in the starting grid at 7.00 but you want to leave at 5.00 there are no problems, please let us know.

Attention: at Golac there is an entry barrier at 5.00 pm so if you left at 5.00 AM and arrive before 5.00 pm you will be stopped until 5.00 pm. If you left at 7.00 and arrive before 17.00 you will not have any stop but our compliments.

If you have been selected for the 5.00 grid but you want to leave at 7.00 (for many it may make sense) please let us know, you can leave two hours later.

Remember that you have two hours less on the gates! The calculated time will be a real time on the overall route.

From 7.30 on 6 January to 120 km, at the castle of Socerb, San Servolo, you will meet the 57 km route: from here on there are many refreshments points, even more refreshments not indicated in the roadbook. A suggestion is, therefore, to “take a breath” at km 83 or 103 and then start again at full capacity on the early morning of 6 January.