S1 Ecomarathon 42 km


StartCastello di San Giusto, Trieste
FinishBora Village, Sistiana
Start Time09/01, 8.45
Maximum time10.45 h ( +2 )
Distance and Ascent42.195 Km 980 D+
Shuttle, before and after the raceSi
Where to sleep
  • Trieste
  • Sistiana (Arrivo, Bora Village)
  • Zona Partenza
FederationAICS, FIDAL
N° of the refreshment points7
Certification ITRA/UTMBSi

For time barriers (Article 13), details of the refreshment points (Article 4), bag delivery (Article 19), departure times upon reservation (Article 12) and much more read the regulation

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9 JANUARY 2022

First National race in the FIDAL calendar

The Trieste Marathon , with a route that wants to refer to the purest tradition of this classic distance, in the mileage, in the distribution of the ascent and in the type of terrain, but also following the idea of following a line between a city and a small town on the coast.

The Trieste Urban Eco Marathon it is in fact a race that with a look at the past and at tradition wants to project into the future, not only for the technical characteristics of the track but also for the experience it offers: an incredible view along a path not open to traffic and with the utmost respect of the environment and nature.

You will start from the center of Trieste, with the finish line behind you, on the other side of the gulf. We will cross the city touching the most evocative points to then take the old Austro-Hungarian railway, which has now become one of the most scenic and evocative cycle paths in Italy.

From here, with a soft and gradual ascent, you reach the Karst plateau and travel along it in all its length, caressing the soft hills overlooking the intense blue of the Gulf of Trieste.

A route that runs parallel to the 164, 80, 57 and 21 km trail races, choosing a faster road and paths where it is always possible to lengthen the pace and overtake.


An experience in full S1 spirit but looking at the competition and the athletic gesture and also allowing those who run on the road to find an easy terrain and where to give their best.

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