S1 Ipertrail



PartenzaSella Nevea, Udine
ArrivoBora Village, Sistiana
Orario di partenza:Solo su prenotazione dalle 22.00 dell'7/01 alle 5.00 del 08/01
Tempo Limite+ 45 h
Distanza e Ascesa184 Km 9100 D+
Navetta pre e post garaSi, 120 km, INCLUSA nel prezzo /Yes, included
Dove Dormire
  • Sistiana (Arrivo, Bora Village)
Federazione EPSAICS
Numero dei ristoriCassa ogni 50 km, liquidi ogni 20
Certificazione ITRA e UTMBSi

1/2 Ipertrail

ArrivoBora Village, Sistiana
Orario di partenza:Solo su prenotazione dalle 20.00 dell'8/01 alle 5.00 del 09/01
Tempo Limite+ 23 h
Distanza e Ascesa85 Km 2100 D+
Navetta pre e post garaSì, 80 Km, INCLUSA nel prezzo / Yes, Included
Dove Dormire
  • Sistiana (Arrivo, Bora Village)
Federazione EPSAICS
Numero dei ristori3
Certificazione ITRA e UTMBSi

For time barriers (Article 13), details of the refreshment points (Article 4), bag delivery (Article 19), departure times upon reservation (Article 12) and much more read the regulation

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7-9 JANUARY 2022

Ipertrail is a unique race, or rather it is a unique experience before being a race. It is a journey designed to bring the concepts of trail and running in nature to the highest levels, amplifying all concepts in an explosive mix of running, discovery, resilience and racing strategy.

Each edition has a unique path, always new and designed to be traveled in GPS navigation. Each path and each fork are designed to lead to the discovery of an unexpected glimpse, but also to keep the attention on navigation always alive.

It is impossible to face this race without reading and studying the rules: every decision must be made by planning and thinking about the consequences it could have on the race economy, but we must be equally ready to modify it, adapting to new conditions.

The concept of the expedition is amplified by the presence of “Ipertrail cash desks” 40x40x40 boxes where the competitor can put whatever he wants, from food to equipment. From 2022 the houses will be available every 40-50 km, interspersed with refreshment points with hot liquids every 15-20 km. One of the key points of the race is precisely this, to rely on the cash desk and its contents: if on the one hand it may seem like an advantage, on the other it is the certainty that if the contents were not chosen well the difficulty in finishing the race it might be insurmountable.

The 2022 edition includes a single route with a start at Sella Nevea and ascent along the slopes of Mount Canin to the Sella Prevala, to then descend in Slovenia to Bovec. Approximately 25 km on a path for it could have up to 3 meters of snow. A section where the use of snowshoes is foreseen (provided at the start and then can be abandoned at the end of the heavily snow-covered section). A unique return to cross-border competitions, after the COVID stop. From Bovec continue to Kobarid on a variant of the Alpe Adria Trail for a relatively easy stretch, at the bottom of the valley and then climb up the slopes of Matajur and head towards Mount Korada towards the Collio plateau. A descent from Mount Sabotino will lead to Gorizia.
From Gorizia, across the Italian and Slovenian Karst, you reach the sea, touching the water at the Foci del Timavo on a journey that unites the highest peaks of the Julian Alps with the sea they overlook.

And for those who think of Ipertrail as a goal for the future, this year can approach the ½ Ipertrail: the last 80 km of Ipertrail but always in GPS version and with management similar to that of the tills. A perfect test bench to test oneself with Ipertrail race strategies, but without facing the most demanding stretch from a technical point of view.
However, do not underestimate the ½ Ipertrail: it is true that the kilometers are half, it is true that the time to cover them is a lot … but it is equally true that GPS navigation will not be made simple and the paths chosen will be the most beautiful but also the most committed ones. of the Isonzo Karst. So be careful not to confuse the ½ Ipertrail for an 80 km race. If you are looking for that there is the S1 Night Trail!

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