S1 Trail 57 km


PartenzaArea Di Ricerca
Orario di partenza:09/01, 7.30
Tempo Limite12 h ( +1 )
Distanza e Ascesa57 Km 2560 D+
Navetta pre e post garaSi
Dove Dormire
  • Trieste
  • Sistiana (Arrivo, Bora Village)
  • Zona Partenza
Federazione EPSAICS
Numero dei ristori8
Certificazione ITRA e UTMBSi

For time barriers (Article 13), details of the refreshment points (Article 4), bag delivery (Article 19), departure times upon reservation (Article 12) and much more read the regulation

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9 JANUARY 2022

Rocky and steep bottom, earth, karst gravel, will accompany the runners in a race that not only summarizes the geological uniqueness of the Karst but they will also offer a terrain that is always different and not at all obvious.

Running in Trieste is a unique experience.

The 57 km Bora Race, in 2021 will have a completely revolutionized course , which in the first section will not only see Val Rosandra as the protagonist, but also Mount Cocusso: the highest peak of the Trieste Karst.

A very fast start towards the first ascent: steep but technically easy, to throw yourself headlong into Val Rosandra with the longest continuous descent that can be done on the Trieste Karst.

But that’s not all: in 2021 the roles are reversed and Draga becomes the refreshment point of the tenth kilometer and Dolina of the 20th.

Go through the valley in the opposite direction and discover new paths, giving you a climb to the Vedetta di Mocco, along a very scenic and challenging track.

The first 25 km of the 57 km will give a completely new perspective of the race and will be a new challenge to face.

The S1 Trail follows the old paths of farmers and fishermen, those that were the first “path one”.
This with climatic conditions and a uniqueness of the terrain that can only be found in Trieste.
The last kilometers are on a rocky beach, with an arrival far from obvious, which will require all the mental and physical efforts.

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