Ecomarathon 42 Km


We could call it “Marathon 3.0” or “Urban Eco Marathon”: a real evolution of the marathon concept, to return to the origins of the Marathon itself.
An evolution towards a future that learns and is inspired by the past, to the most authentic one: a 42 km race from Marathon to Athens, on a track first uphill and then gradually downhill on a sliding but certainly not paved terrain. That’s where the Marathon was born and here it is in its most authentic sense.






Iscrizioni / Enrollments / Anmeldungen / PrijaveDati
Distanza e Ascesa Disatnce and Ascent Distanz und Höhenmeter Dolžina in višinska razlika 42.195 km 860 D+
Iscrizioni Enrollments Anmeldungen • Prijave 21/12/2020
Prezzo Price Preis Cena min € 30 max € 42
Tempo limite Time Limit •  Zeitlimit • Časovni limit 8 h
Servizio Navetta Shuttle service • Bus servis
Ospitalità    Accomodation   Gastfreundschaft  Gostoljubnost Hotel B&B Hostels etc
Federazione, EPS / FederationFIDAL / AICS
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Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc UTMB®YES
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With this spirit, the Marathon returns to Trieste, with a track that wants to recall the purest tradition of this classic distance, in terms of lenght, in the distribution of the ascent and in the type of terrain, but also with the concept of following a line between a city and reaching the finish line following the coast.


Trieste Urban Eco Marathon it is in fact a race that with a look at the past and tradition you want to project into the future, not only for the technical characteristics of the track but also for the experience it offers: an incredible view along a route on dirt roads and with the utmost respect for the environment and nature.


You will start from the center of Trieste, with behind you, on the other side of the gulf, the finish line. You will cross the city touching the most suggestive points to then take the old Austro-Hungarian railway, today it has become one of the most scenic and suggestive cycle paths in Italy.

From here, with a soft and gradual climb, you reach the Carsico plateau and follow it in its entire length, caressing the soft hills that overlook the intense blue of the Gulf of Trieste.

A route that runs parallel to the trail races of 164, 80, 57 and 21 km choosing a faster road and trails where it is always possible to stretch the pace and speeedup.


An experience in full S1 spirit but looking at the competition and the athletic gesture and also allowing those who run on the road to find easy terrain and where to give their best.
What will your time be on the first Urban Eco Marathon?

Our association and our volunteers put all their commitment and many resources throughout the year to organize the Corsa della Bora This commitment means a large investment, both financially and laborious.

Parallel to this, there is the desire to protect the safety of competitors as much as possible and understand all causes of force majeure.

IL which translates into an approach of maximum protection of the competitor and safety, as regards objective issues, and a less complete protection policy regarding i “change program”.

Bib sales, modifications, delegates, personal injuries

Event cancellation

The event takes place but “they don’t let me participate”

However, in the drafting of the regulation, it does not fall into the case in which the event can take place but the competitor is unable to participate for non-personal reasons other than serious injury (Article 7). We will wait until 2021 to formalize this change, which for fairness we do not add now, as changing the regulation after the registration of many is not a practice in the name of transparency.

We then proceed with the interpretation of the current regulation in a perspective of maximum favor of the competitor, i.e. if you cannot travel, you cannot participate for non-personal reasons other than injury, the same policy applies as reimbursement of cancellation due to the inability to run the event. A practical example could be a legal ban on travel to or from departure or destination. The competitor’s inability to travel is considered to be the organizer’s inability to carry out the event. A protection never seen before.

Finally, a clarification is necessary: the work to carry out the event in maximum safety is enormous. only the health and local authorities to judge if the event is possible. Obviously the same goes for the travel ban. It follows that the “voices”, the “forecasts” or the “considerations” of more or less accredited experts cannot be put on the same level as the Health and/or Territorial Authority.

Exchange, refund, cancellation, and transfer policies are therefore always implemented at real conditions of the moment in which the request is made.

For example if a competitor requests a refund why provides catastrophic weather, pandemics or other events that could cause cancellation, but at the moment no decree-law or disposition of the health or territorial authorities or communication of the organization foresees these facts, the request does not fall within the real causes, but in a personal interpretation. This request is subject to article 7 of the regulation or only the transfer to third parties is allowed.

Conclusions and advice

  • Read what we are doing to organize a safe event
  • If you cannot participate in serious injuries, we will protect you to the maximum, more than the other races, with the conditions of article 31
  • If you cannot participate due to grief or serious personal reasons, we will protect you to the maximum, more than the other races, with the conditions of article 31
  • If you do not want to participate because you have sprained yourself or are not in maximum shape or for any physical problem not described and certified by a specialist who certifies the impossibility to participate on the date of the event, you can choose a shorter distance or sell your registration.
  • If you think it will be bad weather, you can give the bib to a third party.
  • If you think the race will be canceled but it has not been canceled, you can sell the bib to another runner
  • If you think you will be sick, you can give the bib to another runner.
  • If you think you won’t be able to come, you can give the bib to another runner.
  • If the race is canceled, you will be protected as per article 31 with coverage of up to 120% of the value.
  • If you are prevented from traveling, you will be protected under article 31 with coverage of up to 120% of the value.

Have you decided what to do?
Bib Transfer – Change Distance Contact

In the event of a canceled race, we will proceed automatically as per the regulations.

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The price of the registration varies according to the moment when you decide to register and the number of persons enrolled at that time

  • To know the price at the moment of your decision to visit the page  and look for the desired race.
  • To find out HOW  the price changes you can read the Race Rules  at the bottom of the page  click here

To follow or follow passages:

  1. Type in your browser
  2. Look at the navigation menu at the top of the list, near the flag  if you see see  “YOUR REGISTRATIONS” click and select “LOGOUT”
  3. Now is gone “YOUR REGISTRATIONS”
  5. Select the race with which you want to participate
  7. If you are already registered click on “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN” and press “LOGIN”.
    1. You are not registered got to point 8.
  8. if you have a coupon add it by “CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE” and press “APPLY”
  9. If some info is missing, add it.
  10. Select the payment method
  11. Press  “PLACE ORDER”
  12. You just paid your registration, but it is not complete. You must also complete your profile going to YOUR REGISTRATION – YOUR PROFILE – RUNNER PROFILE and complete the missing mandatory data and your preferences (race goodie bag, shuttle, food, bib collection booking, and much more). Press UPDATE at the bottom of the page when the changes are complete.


  1. The system is configured to consent 1 race per person, this is to avoid duplicated and double payments.
  2. If you want to enroll more people with the same email (example: husband and wife) we can enable multiple accounts with the same email.  Write us and request this feature, tell us the e-mail, how many, and name of the persons associated with that mail.
  3. You can change the payment method in “Your profile” – “Registrations” – “Payment”
  4. If you are at point 3 and the payment does not work, it is because too many attempts and/or changes have been made, or for other reasons, the system goes into protection mode and does not allow you to pay. Write to us and we will unlock this feature.

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RACES OF 21, 57, 80, 164 AND 173 KM and relay 57 (25 + 32)

Each competitor must be considered suitable for the competitive activity with high cardiovascular commitment by a sports doctor . When registering, the competitor declares to be in possession of this eligibility at the date of the race.

We do not collect copies of medical certificates (but this in no way exempts you from having them), and we accept any certificate that certifies by a sports doctor suitability for competitive cardio-vascular activity. Therefore, the classic medical certificate for athletics is fine but the certificates for the triathlon, swimming, competitive cycling, etc. are also valid.

No FIDAL or Run Card is needed.

We take care of the insurance of each competitor.




Each competitor must be considered suitable for competitive cardio-vascular activity by a sports doctor. When registering, the competitor declares to be in possession of this eligibility at the date of the race and undertakes to upload a copy of it to his Runner Profile S1


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All the parking info are listed in the  RACE GUIDE. 
If you didn’t read the Race Guide, read it now.

To make things easier we summarized here the key info:

We have plenty of parking spots. However, to create more, we have even closed a road. We invite you, if possible, to use public transportation and the S1 shuttles that connect the center of Trieste to the Bora Village.

Up to 10.00 am it will be possible to park in the area around the Bora Village, from 10.00 onwards the traffic will be closed and it will be possible only to go out.

The 2021 edition will take place on January 3rd. The hours and dates shown therefore refer to January 3, 2021



A great alternative is to park in PortoPiccolo, get off in the bay by car and from the parking lot take the elevator towards Cava Alta that leads to the coast road.

There are 1500 meters on foot, but it allows you to park comfortably and for free indoors and to visit PortoPiccolo.


Additional parking:


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