We are ready to run safe or offer refunds from 75% to 120%!

These months have been very challenging for all of us,  and we are still struggling for a gradual return to normal. You may have noticed that in recent months we have suspended our newsletters.

We did not invent “virtual challenges” or give any kind of advice. We remained focused on the difficulty of the moment, staying at home but also working hard to return to normality in total safety.

Let’s talk clearly. Nothing is yet certain, the summer races are not certain, the autumn ones are not certain as well, and much less it is certain that the Corsa della Bora can be done. Several projections fear a return to normal in spring 2021.

At this point, however, after stopping, it is our duty to look to the future with a positive attitude and work with optimism and responsibility.

We are doing it on three fronts: safety, protection and enjoyability of the event.

On the safety front, the Corsa della Bora was the first trail event in Italy to apply the wave system on a large scale, managing more than 15 starts over 5 races. This system, used in the past by few and in particular conditions, will probably become a standard for competitions in the near future. The commitment for 2021 is to further enhance the start waves system by minimizing the density of competitors and giving an even better race experience and more safety. You can read more in this article. Added to this is a study that we are carrying out to raise health safety standards both on arrival and on the entire route, meeting the new and more restrictive legal requirements but with respect for the environment.

On the protection front, we have introduced two new clauses in the regulations: cancellation for reasons of force majeure, or for reasons that do not depend on the organization, such as covid19, or as extreme weather conditions or a simple alien invasion. But also the protection for cancellation deriving from causes related to the competitor: as for an injury or death of a relative. Considering all those unpleasant scenarios, the good news is that we offer both the possibility of transferring the fee, and/or refunds from 75% up to 120% of the value, and we want to go against the trend, compared to what usually happens: as we approach the event, we increase the percentage of the return value. Here are the new regulations.

With regard to the enjoyability of the event, we believe that the biggest problems could be related to transport, for an in-line race like ours. Regarding to this, we are studying shuttles that comply with the current COVID directives, or, in the event that safety cannot be guaranteed, the full reimbursement of the cost of the shuttles and the adoption of special ring routes … which are of equal beauty compared to the current. Indeed, according to some of our “testers” even more beautiful, and always in S1 style.

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