Start line Ipertrail and little surprise!

Ipertrail was supposed to start from the Castle of Gorizia, but as you may have noticed in other points of the route, as the organization progressed, we adjusted and refined the track: from the tunnels of the Great War after the first kilometers, to the Canyons before the Caves of Skocjan. So we decided to start from Transalpina Square, exactly on the border of Italy and Slovenia, where once the “Gorizia wall” once stood, a wall that divided the city into two.

Today this square has become the symbol of friendship and the fall of the borders between Italy and Slovenia. Symbol of a friendship between two nations united by a territory of unique beauty.

Ipertrail, with the patronage of the Municipalities of Gorizia and Nova Gorica, wants to spread this message and emphasize the proximity of these two nations. This point is also the ideal start line for the Iperatleti project, which sees ASD SentieroUNO collaborate with SportXAll supported by the Ethical Consultinvest fund in a very important inclusion project aimed at pointing out how much what we call disability is often a different skill, to be enhanced, and not simply to support or involve.

Startline waypoint

Waypoint of the Gym for the overnight stay.

Gym opening at 21.00 on 3.00 January. Info 0039 040 411341

Down from the Nose in Mount Nanos!

Given the excellent weather and weather conditions, an additional track has been added to the site:

Ipertrail 2020 – 003 – Vrhpolje – SHORTCUT – GPX Track

This track cuts 2 km downhill and offers the direct route of Mount Nanos. There are two points equipped with rather exposed steel cables. However, it is a beautiful descent and a remarkable shortcut. The technical and commitment level compensates for the two kilometers of cut, so they are both official race courses. Feel free to follow it if you feel to do it. In case of adverse conditions you will be informed not to activate that track.