Too hot to go running today! And it’s true!  🔥☀️⚠️🏃🏃‍♀️

We are proud to announce the collaboration with New Balance. A collaborative relationship that is totally focused on the values ​​that our two brands share: a healthy life where physical activity is not only competition but mainly well-being and achievement of our personal goals. New Balance, with its brand values, fully expresses these concepts and perfectly matches the founding principles of the Corsa della Bora. With the trust of New Balance in our event, we aim to bring these values ​​and the knowledge of our race to wider audience, and further increasing the quality of the event.


Km Upgrade!

Have you already run the 21 km and do you want to do 57 km race?
You ran the 57 km and you want to do the Ultra 164?
Or did you do the 164 and want to do Ipertrail?

Only if you intend to increase the km and you sign up in July and August a special prize will wait for you at the finish line in January! 



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Too hot to go running today! And it’s true! 


Admit it, you said it at least once: “too hot to go running today!” And it’s true! Running in the heat can hurt, on the other hand, from the cold you defend yourself: you dress in layers, you remove them if you feel warm, and reapply them if the temperature drops. The sky is clear, the air is sparkling. Running on the cold is like running at high altitude in the summer! The best experience possible!

So no excuses! Register now for the Bora Race, save on the enrollment fee and choose your race goodie bag! More than that what we can do? Maybe we can offer you “vinbrulè” and the beer on the course? – Sure, we’ll do that too! 

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