Ipertrail 2022

Ipertrail 2022

€ 260 € 173 minimum - maximum price

A new concept of “100 miles”: in Ipertrail it makes little sense to talk about km and D +. This, rather than being a race, is a challenge of Resilience. With a capital R.


Single edition event

Distance and ascent 168.8 km 6668 D+
Route marked? NO, GPS only
Date and time 7-9 January 2022
Start/finish: Labin (HR), Trieste (IT)
Refreshments: Refreshment point with boxes and traditional
Enrollments: Only upon evaluation
Price: € 260 (173)
Maximum time 45 hours

one time event: only in 2022.

Each edition has a unique path. In 2022 from Labin to Trieste through ISTRIA.

Be part of the history: take part in the first race that unites Croatia, Slovenia and Italy

A breathtaking route, starting from Labin in Croatia, along the Ciciaria climbing up Mount Ucka and running towards the Gulf of Trieste. The path changes radically with each edition

The 2022 edition will be a unique and unrepeatable event, due to the beauty of the route and the organizational difficulty of logistics

A path that summarizes all the varieties of landscape and terrain, from the dry dolomitic limestone rock to the snowy peaks. Sections in which navigation takes place on sight and with GPS along wild slopes which then lead to comfortable and well-trodden paths. Each stretch is a surprise, every kilometer a challenge to adapt.

The paths are marked with hiking markers, and the use of GPS is essential.

Ipertrail revolutionizes the concept of “autonomy”.

The race is divided into 3 sections: the Croatian one, overlooking the beautiful steep coast, the Karst one with the passage to Ciciaria, between Croatia and Slovenia, in the heart of Istria and the scenic one, along the ridge of Trieste.

The race strategy asks for total autonomy for the mountain and karst sections, and allows assistance to refreshment points but without the possibility of changing equipment on the scenic section.

Equipment boxes approximately every 30 km up to 110 th km and total food autonomy.
Traditional refreshments from 110 onwards but no possibility of changing equipment.

At the Ipertrail life point there will be personnel available for emergencies and control, but the management of resources will be completely borne by the competitors. It is true that you can choose what to find at the refreshment points, but it is equally true that the choice will have to be made before the race and throughout the course of the race you will have to support yourself with what you have chosen to find. This is a management of equipment and supplies similar to that of a shipment: it must be done carefully and without underestimating its importance.

A field stove will be available for the preparation of hot food and drinks. Plan ahead and don’t miss planning: a key element in long races. Everything must be decided first, and decisions must face the unexpected. This is Ipertrail.

Alone, independent, but always safe. Every need will be constantly monitored, 24 hours a day, via satellite by the organization, ready to intervene in case of difficulty. A satellite call Ipertrail rescue service will be available for the competitors of the race in order to guarantee safety without altering the spirit of adventure of an extreme challenge like Ipertrail. But not only! If you get lost and get out of the track we will know almost in real time, and we will warn you with a message!

Before being a race, Ipertrail is strategy. The fastest and the most skilled wins. Not the fastest and that’s it. Start whenever you want, decide your race strategy. The stopwatch starts with you.

Access is restricted to a limited number of people and applications will be assessed one by one.

Roadbook, detail elevation and GPS tracks available from 2021


Shuttle service and overnight stay will be provided

Roadbook, altimetria di dettaglio e tracce GPS disponibili dal 2021

For 2021 we will organize a traditional 80 km ultra race

Ipertrail is schedules for 2022

You can pre-register, without any payment filling out this form.

Attention: there are few bibs and they end quickly. In spring 2021, when registration opens, we will ask you for confirmation and give you priority:

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