S1 Night Trail 80 km

S1 Night Trail 80 km

€ 95 € 70 minimum - maximum price

The white of the limestone of the karst ridges meets the headlamp giving evocative reflections in a scenario where the lights of distant Trieste, overlooking the sea, are always visible in the background, a finish line that shows up but cannot be reached without effort!

Distance and ascent 79.7 km 3030 m D+ 2940 m D-
Date and time 2 January 2021 h 22.30
Start/Finish: Miramare Castle (Trieste) -> Bora Village Visogliano (Italy)
Number of refreshment points: 7 + finish + pasta party
Enrollments closes 21 December 2020 or 500 runners
Price: min € 70 max € 95
Maximum time 21 hours
Shuttle service: Yes

2021 will be the year of a unique edition: for administrative and logistical issues, the whole route will be in Italy, with a special edition and an unrepeatable route.

By participating in the S1 Night trail you will leave by the sea, passing through the illuminated Miramare Castle and with the city lights in the background. 4 km of panoramic waterfront will lead to the steep slopes of which Umberto Saba also wrote:


 (official translation of TRIESTE – UMBERTO SABA) 

Then I climbed a steep slope,

crowded at first, deserted further up,

closed by a low wall:

a nook where I sit

alone; and it seems to me that where it ends

the town ends too.


Trieste has a surly

grace. If one likes it,

it is like a rascal, harsh and voracious,                                             

with blue eyes and hands too big

to offer a flower;

like a love

with jealousy.



The steep climbs, dry stone walls, forgotten alleys that overlook the unexpected views of Trieste, which bring competitors to the Karst plateau.


From here a terrain that is almost always easy to run, with very fast sections that will take you first to Mount Orsario and then to Mount Cocusso, the two highest points of the Trieste Karst. From there you descend and join for the last 30 km on the 42 km route, first on a priceless view of the illuminated City of Trieste and Koper, then at sunrise along the vineyards of Terrano and Vitovska.

A magical path, entirely overlooking the city and the sea, but with unique views and a varied terrain.

But S1 Night trail does not end here: you can decide to complete 80 km with the standard distance or participate in the Challenge from 96 to 96 km by entering three S1 classifications and in the ITRA classification you will choose (race 1 or race 2 or race 1 + 2)

Night Trail 120 km: accessible to all those who register and show up on the starting line of the 42 KM by 8.30 am on 3 January. The prize? Two medals, and we return the registration fee for the Challenge, on the finish line and in cash! As if to say: “chapeau, you are our guest!” We remind you that the starting point of the 42 does not coincide with the arrival of the 80. A shuttle service is provided, check the timetables. Although you travel the last 30 km of the 42 twice, the experience is completely different: the first time with the city illuminated just below you, the second time with the view captured by the snow-capped mountains in the background. As they say, a difference like “between night and day!”

Night Trail 96 km: accessible to all those who register and show up on the starting line of the 16 KM by 11.30 on January 3 (the arrival of the 80 km coincides with the departure of the 16 km). This is perhaps the most beautiful solution, because it embraces the whole territory of Trieste and its Karst, condensing the beauties of all S1 races in a single path.


Do you want to register for Challenge 120 but are afraid of not arriving in time for the start of the 42 km race? Don’t worry, we will take you to the 16 anyway and you can close a 96 km!

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    Mountain Bike
Start, Miramare Castle
Obelisco, km 9,5
Fernetti, km 24,5
Basovizza, km 33,8
Draga, km 41,1
Transition bag
Obelisco, km 57,6
Santa Croce, km 69,9
Aurisina, km 74
Details (only for whom passes Santa Croce before 17.00)
Finish line, Bora Village
Well done!


It is in line race and the starting line does not coincide with the finish. TRAVEL HYPOTHESIS:
  • You arrive in Trieste on the afternoon of January 2nd
  • You come to Bora Village at 19.30 on January 2nd, you can park inside in reserved Parking or stay in Trieste and come by bus.
  • Collect the bib and leave the bag. Dinner at Bora Village at 20.00 (vegetarian options).
  • At 21.45 the shuttle for the Start departs.
  • At 22.15 the bus arrives at the departure
  • At 22.30 the race starts.
  • Closing of the race at 19.30 the following day.

OTHER information

  • You can park on the finish line and come on the start line with our shuttle.
  • You can stay in Trieste and go to the start with the airport bus
  • Railway stations and airports are well connected to the race. No car needed. Getting to Trieste
  • You can decide to collect the race bib in a partner hotel or in the S1 Points or at the Bora Village before the race. If you book the delivery, you save time before the race. Here's how to do it

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From 1 to 20: 70 euros From 20 to 50: 80 euros From 51 to 95 euros

  • Senators, minors 70 euros fixed price until 30/10
  • Partner sports club, registration for events and groups * € 75 until 30/10