Can I book a race goodie bag, transition bag and GPS even for Ipertrail and Ultra?

Booking the race goodie bag at the shops and hotels makes sense to avoid coming to Bora Village and then skipping the queues. It also makes sense for those with little time and want to arrive, run and “run away”.

Races like S1 Ultra and S1 Ipertrail require the drop off of a complete bag for the Life Base or the Box. In addition, the delivery of a GPS tracker and the withdrawal of the deposit is foreseen. All operations must necessarily be carried out before the race and following the times indicated in the program. Schedules are established for logistic requirements and are not subject, in any way, to exceptions.

For Ipertrail and Ultra it is, therefore, necessary to go to Bora Village at the times indicated in the program, carry out the registration procedures, test the GPS tracker, bail and deposit bags.