How can I change the race/distance?

The change of distance is subject to the availability of BIBS in the desired race. So always make sure that registrations for that race are open.

In case of health problems, even if not documented by a medical certificate, but real, it is possible to ask or a downgrade even at the last moment, but always following the indicated procedure.

1. If you see “YOUR REGISTRATION” at the top right, select “LOGOUT”

2. From here select Extra Services

3 – Select “Race Change”


4 – Enter the amount to pay: if the race you are interested in costs 65 euros and you paid 29 then you will enter 65-29 = 36 to which you will add 1.1 euros of commission.

Always use this formula: (current cost of the desired race) – (amount paid) + (commission 1.1 euro)

If it is a downgrade enter only 1.1 euros


5 – Enter the name of the desired race in the notes field

Then access your profile, and if necessary, add the missing data, select the payment method and confirm.


6- You will immediately receive an email confirming the purchase of the option, after 24-36 you will receive an email confirming the change.

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