What are ITRA points (performance index) and how do I know how many I have?

To have an ITRA performance index you must have participated in at least one ITRA-certified race.

The Corsa della Bora uses ITRA ranking for two reasons:

  • Suggest the start times of the S1 Ultra 164 and S1 Ipertrail
  • Organize the starting waves of S1 Half 21 km and S1 Trail 57 km.

If you do not provide an ITRA general performance index in your registration form, you will start with the last group.

Don’t worry, the time is calculated on the “real-time”: this means that the time is taken from when actually you pass the start line.

Are you already thinking of being smarter entering a higher score to start first?

Just know that we will check the “suspect” ITRA performance indexes, and check the leading group one by one.

Entering a false data, could create danger or inconvenience to other competitors and the jury could decide the disqualification. The runner with the incorrect score will inevitably be detached from the group and therefore immediately identifiable. So think two times before declaring a false performance index

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Here is step by step how to know how many ITRA points you have.

Go on the site https://itra.run/

Search for YOUR name and surname

Copy YOUR score into the registration form of La Corsa della Bora, which is the data you read on the GENERAL line of the first column, New Performance Index (/ 1000)

Some quick notes on the other numbers and your performance index, this is the ITRA table to evaluate the performance level of the athletes. You can compare your data with the data in the table to understand your level of preparation:


Click on the table to read the detailed explanation from the ITRA website

When it comes to trail racing, there is something for everyone! For the purposes of ITRA, trail races are categorized according to their level of difficulty. This ranking considers the distance covered and the elevation gain. It operates based of a metric called “km-effort” for a given race. The km-effort is calculated by adding the distance (in kilometers) and the hundredth of the positive elevation gain (in meters). 

There are 7 categories of trail running races, from XXS to XXL races. Each race category corresponds to a number of km-effort and a number of ITRA points. The following classification is used to categorize the effort involved:(the explanation above is copied from the ITRA website)

Click on the table to read the detailed explanation from the ITRA website