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Forecast Sunday 5 January 2020:  sunny, minimum 0 ° C maximum 7 ° C, moderate wind.


All information about the race:

– Program

– Timetables

– Bib distribution

– Parking spaces

– Start times

– Wardrobe

– Shuttles

– Pasta Party

– Safety equipment


On the Race Guide: read it and study it well!


All information on the route centimeter by centimeter in the Roadbook.


Do you already know which starting group you belong to?

Check your bib number from the entry list (16-21-57 km and Ultra and Ipertrail) and check it from this page


Come to the conference and dinner with the athletes of the National team, take part in the Trieste pre-race sightseeing tour in Chi Walking and discover all the events in Trieste on the occasion of the Corsa della Bora


You will receive two other emails:

 Bora Fest

– 12-hour weather report and race briefing [/vc_column][/vc_row]

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