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S1 Half

Start : Monte Grisa 06/01, 11.00 
Finish : Bora Village, Sistiana

Attention: we have blocked the price from 2020-2021-2023 until 31/08, given the unstable situation after 31/08 we will evaluate the extent of the price increase. For those who register by 31/08 the price is guaranteed. You can also now pay a deposit of € 5 and ensure that you have a bib at that price until 30/10.
Special Start: Non-competitive event with order of arrival and prize for all finishers
31/08 - € 29
01/11 - € 35
01/12 - € 45
- For those who do not have a valid competitive certificate, the distance can be carried out in a non-competitive way, with a separate start and the same race pack, medal and race services, but without re-entering the ranking.

Profilo Altimetrico

Mappa generale

Time Limit

7.30 h

Distance and Ascent

22.1 km 455 D+

Time Barriers
Santa Croce km 14,418.00
Refreshment Points
Contovellokm 8,2
Santa Crocekm 14,4
Aurisinakm 18,4
Bib retrieval times/strong>
Bora Village05/01 h 12.00 - 20.00
Bora Village06/01 07.00-09.00





Competitiva e Non competitiva

Start Time

06/01, 11.00

Other start times

h 12.15

Bag drop off

< al 06/01 h 09.00

Bag Retrieval

> 06/01 h 13.00

Transition bag point

Non previsto

Maximum runners


Mandatory equipment
  • Food and water you will need to run 5 km
  • Trousers and long-sleeved shirt, or a combination that, in case of need, covers the entire arms and legs.
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup, only for those wishing to take advantage of the refreshment
  • Head-torch
  • Gloves, hat and anorak only in case of bad weather, communication that will be given in the news section of the website with a weather report 12 hours before the race.
  • Mobile phone
31/08€ 29
01/11€ 35
01/12€ 45
Shuttle service before the race
Da / FromA / ToTime
Bora VillageStart (Monte Grisa)h 09.45
Trieste Stazione CentraleStart (Monte Grisa)h 09.45
Shuttle service after the race
Da / FromA / ToTime
Bora VillageTrieste Stazione Centrale13.00-15.00-17.00-19.00

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