We removed the hypocrisy from the goodie bag

Banning hypocrisy. Many organizers who say that the race goodie bag is not important, they only do it to save money! On the other hand, many runners who say they are not interested in the goodie bag, say it because they are tired of having the same euro 2.50 t-shirt that as a special property makes to stink like a goat even those who normally do not smell.

At the Corsa della Bora we have always tried to innovate: the first year of the crampons on the snow worth almost 40 euros, then MP3 players, Bluetooth headphones for sports gloves with anti-wind winter protectors, and so on.

We remain faithful to the tradition and this year there will be some really amazing race packs, that are not useless “doubles” and we try to create some items that are specially designed for the race.

We begin to unveil 2019 news
S1 Ultra, the 100 miles mark of the Corsa della Bora, this year will have a race goodie bag consisting of two elements.

Here is the first:

A waterproof bag in high-quality material, super resistant for your races.
We chose the 40 L size because it is the standard that many races indicate as a bag for the base of life, bags that are often scrambled, wet and mistreated. With our bag you will find everything perfectly dry even if the bag physically end up in the water. Two additional straps turn it into a backpack. Great for your equipment or to put dirty and wet clothes after a race and seal them up at home.

blankThis bag will be 1 of the 2 elements of the S1 Ultra race goodie bag, but for all the S1 Ultra runners by the end of JULY 2018 the race pack will consist of 3 elements.

For those who sign up for S1 Trail 57 by the end of July, instead, we offer the possibility to decide which race package to have: the S1 Ultra bag? The standard race package of the 57? Or that of the 21 km? To you the choice!

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