We unveil the first news of the Corsa della Bora!

Ipertrail & S1 Ultra

We announce two great news for 2020: the first concerns Ipertrail and S1 Ultra. There will be both the traditional and marked 100 miles, on a similar path to 2019, and Ipertrail, the GPS navigation race with an incredible journey through Slovenia to Trieste.

S1 Sprint

The second news is that S1 Sprint is born, a race of 16 km with departure and arrival in Visogliano passing on Mount Ermada and crossing the trenches of First World War to touch the Cave of the Temple of the God Mithras up to the Risavivas of Timavo and then return along the Rilke Trail. Do not miss the preview!

In 2020 there will also be a big change in the route of the 57 km, giving more and more beautiful and challenging views and passages!

Are you interested in Ipertrail?

We remind you that there are only 70 bibs available and today there are 31 pre-registrations.
The registration process has 4 phases:

  1. Apply without paying for registration through our website
  2. We contact you and explain in detail the race to make sure you have the requirements to deal with it
  3. We provide you with a code to access the registration page
  4. You can register online and you have time to settle your registration until November 2019.The pre-registration for the other races will open April 8, 2019, and you will receive a notification, you can register and reserve your bib.