Newsletter n°8 – December 2016 – Race Guide 2017

A lot of info in a nutshell!

1) Don’t miss the video and the presentation of the race! Italian, Slovenian and English. 

It is online the Race Guide. Read it carefully, this integrates and completes the rules, print what you need and read carefully all the information.

Some of the topics of the  Race Guide:

a. Schedule of the race of
b. Shuttles and schedules
c. BIBs distribution
d. Rules
e. Info BOX Ipertrail
f. GPS tracks and maps
g. Logistics departure and arrival
h. And lot more …


3)Bibs that have been reserved are available for collection from December 20. The list is here. You will receive a confirmation email. For those who have not booked can still to book for the second round of distribution points enabled only in Trieste.

Last BIBS available, only online and pay by credit card. If the registration process don’t allow you to register or tells “registrations closed”, please write to or try again, if there are any bibs available we will put them online on the system.

We decided to launch and exclusive promotion, the S1 Card: not only a membership card, but pure services bundle. Did you know that in fact the majority of the sports club memberships do not cover for the helicopter rescue expenses? Do not believe that to be taken away from the helicopter is a very rare thing … for those who often run in the mountains is the only option! We offer exclusive membership to ASD SentieroUNO, AICS, Dolomiti Emergency Insurance, valid in all geographic Europe, the minimum price at the next Corsa della Bora,  and much more. Just for euro 30 per year. … For those who need to run, not for those who shall need to feel “member of something”. Read more details or get it now here!