Access to the event

The good news is the race access form can be prepared even now and not necessarily 72 hours before the event.

Print a copy of the receipt sent via this form, with the copy of the registration to the race is a valid travel document. For non-residents in Italy is also necessary to have the USAMF form

The “bad news” is that we need to ask you to re-compile some data that you have already entered. Even medical certificates, which we require, but we usually do not collect, if not for the 42 km, will have to be attached in this form. This point was clarified and confirmed in mid-December. Otherwise, friends of the 42k, we wouldn’t have had them uploaded to your profile!

A little annoyance, but after that, bureaucracy, goodbye! You will think just about running!

It is not even fun for us to make many modules and frame bib rites and information in this way, but it is the legislation that requires it and removed the annoyance that it entails now, this system should ensure a much smoother performance and a better usability of the race services, Let’s see the positive side.

Average fill out time time: 3 minutes

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