14. ČLEN – Varnost in kontrola

On the route there are employees of the organization, volunteers of the Civil Protection and Alpine Rescue and of the Italian Army, in constant contact with the base. In the arrival area there is an ambulance with a doctor on board and paramedics, ready to intervene. There are other ambulances, car and motorcycles equipped along the way.

Checkpoints are set up along the route, where organization staff monitor the passage of athletes. It is compulsory to pass near the checkpoints going to step, without running and with the bib clearly visible on the chest or backpack or leg.

It is advisable to make sure that you have been registered correctly as, in the event of failure to register or not passing through a control point, disqualification is applied.

Any runner injured or in difficulty can ask for help from the Organization:

  • by showing up at an official checkpoint
  • by calling an organization number
  • asking another runner to call for help

It is a duty and mandatory to provide assistance to all people in difficulty and if necessary to notify the emergency services. In the event that a competitor has lost time to help another competitor injured or in difficulty, he can ask the Race Jury to reduce the time spent on the official ranking.


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