16. ČLEN – Obvezna oprema S1 Trail, 57 km, S1 Half 21 km, S1 Urban 32 km, S1 80 km, S1 Ultra 167 km, S1 Ipertrail

The Corsa della Bora is a race in an environment that can be hostile with challenging sections. The winter period and the geographical area make the weather conditions extremely variable and unpredictable by offering participants conditions that can vary from the almost spring sun and dry ground, to wind gusts of 150 km / h, temperatures below freezing and ice.

Obligatory material

  • Front stack or flashlight with batteries installed and charged. (Even those who plan to complete the race before dark is required to have this material with them, as any unforeseen events such as accidents, mistakes in the route or other, could extend the estimated arrival time. Participants in the 21 km are explicitly required to have with you a headlamp or electric emergency light other than your smartphone)
  • At least 350 ml of liquids .
  • Double thermal layer or thermal padded jacket (i.e .: long sleeves and rainproof and windproof shell or rainproof and windproof padded jacket for wearer under short sleeves)
  • Long pants or combination of shorts and leggings to cover the whole leg in case of need.
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Whistle of emergency
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Roadbook of the course (present behind the bib)
  • Phone cell phone with registered organization numbers and always on.
  • Ecotazza or container for drinking: there are no glasses at the refreshment points!
  • Only for S1 Ultra and Ipertrail: satellite locator provided by the organization always on.

It is recommended, for greater well-being, to leave with the following material:

  • Long-sleeved shirt or extra warm garment
  • Windproof scarf, balaclava or buff.
  • Foldable sticks,

There is the possibility of finding icy sections on all race courses. The organization therefore reserves the right to make the following items MANDATORY or RECOMMEND to participate in the competition:

  • Racing crampons or ice pegs

The obligatory nature of crampons or nails will be communicated at the latest on the occasion of the second weather report. A probability of 5% is estimated.


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