30. ČLEN – Posebni pogoji za sodelovanje na tekmah Ipertrail

  • Ipertrail is not a race for everyone, on the contrary, the spirit rather than being that of a race is that of a journey, an adventure and the organization works in this direction.
  • These conditions are to be considered as supplementary to the previous conditions and participation in the race is subject to evaluation of each individual competitor by the organizing committee which will evaluate the sporting curriculum and aptitudes.


  • The philosophy of the IPERTRAIL refreshment is similar from the management of the alpine bivouac, nothing to do with the running refreshment.
  • There are no assisted refreshment points.
  • At the refreshment point there may be race staff or not.
  • The monitoring by the organizers is constant through control along the route and from the satellite control operations room. clothing and equipment.
  • No items not contained in the box will be accepted.
  • The crate must also contain liquids and foods other than water.
  • The competitor, under penalty of disqualification, must pass the chip both on his bib and on the cash desk and put it back, after use, in the appropriate “CASSE OUT” area.
  • At the refreshment point together with the cash desks there will be boilers with hot water.
  • At the point of there will be a curtain or cover with hot air to dispel the frost.
  • Race staff will be present at the refreshment points with the control and assistance function in case of withdrawal but not service to competitors.


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Raj za zimski tek in tek na poti, idealna destinacija za ljubitelje teka: spektakularna proga z neprekinjenimi različicami pokrajine in ozadja. Edinstven scenarij, ki uteleša značilnosti visokogorja, vendar ob morju.

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