Article 03 – Conditions of participation

Registering for a competition is not like buying a product at the supermarket: it is a relationship of trust that is established between competitor and organizer, and vice versa. The payment of the fee, therefore, does not give the automatic right to participate: it is necessary that all participation documentation is in order and that the organization considers the competitor to be able to face the race safely.

Before completing the registration it is necessary to read all the regulations, fill in and accept the release form by indicating your details, including your telephone number and your email address.

Voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicate full acceptance without reservations of these regulations, the release, and the ethics of the race.

  • By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damage to persons and/or property caused or caused by him, before, during, and after the race and waives any request for compensation.
  • By registering, the competitors authorize the organization to use free, without territorial and time limits, still and moving images that portray them during participation in the race.
  • The race will be held in accordance with the legal requirements at the time of the event. It is therefore advisable, in the event of extraordinary or pandemic conditions, to visit the news section and/or ascertain any additional requirements required by law. The consequences of changing these legal requirements are in no way attributable to the organizer.
  • No assistance will be provided and no personal data will be disclosed to people other than the holder of the registration profile, which must necessarily correspond to the competitor. This is to protect the competitor and ensure that the race conditions are correctly communicated and understood by those who actually participate.
  • All those who have received competitive sports fitness from a sports doctor are admitted to competitive events. This suitability must be valid and specific for activities with high cardiovascular commitment or have a certificate for the suitability of competitive athletics or other competitive sport with high cardiovascular commitment (rowing, skiing, football, triathlon, etc), protocols B1-> 5.
  • Adding that the same request applies to foreign athletes.
  • Individual competitions may have specific participation conditions and these are listed in Article 1
  • The athlete, by participating in the event, certifies and declares to have the aforementioned requirements and to be in possession of the relevant certification to ensure his safety and safety.
  • For non-competitive runs, no competitive medical certificate is required
  • The registration fee includes the services described in these regulations and in the registration form
    Registration is to be considered effective and confirmed when all the information requested in the registration form is provided correctly, the payment is made, confirmed, and accepted by the organization.
    Payment can be made online with credit cards and electronic payment methods when registering on the portal.
    For reduced-price registrations made on any date, payment must be made by the expiration date of the selected price range.
    For subscriptions at a reduced price based on the quota, the price is locked for 3 working days. In the absence of communications of payment or request for an extension, after 7 days, it can be canceled without notice or converted to the current price range or type of bib.
    No pets are allowed at competitive distances, not even on a leash

It is also important and necessary:

  • Be aware of the length and characteristics of the race;
  • Be perfectly trained to face it;
  • Having acquired, before the race, a real capacity for personal autonomy in the mountains to be able to better manage the problems arising from adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold) in relation to the length of the chosen route.
  • Knowing how to manage the physical or mental problems caused by great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds etc.
  • Be aware that the role of the Organization is not to help a runner manage these conditions which are an integral part of the racing experience.

In case of participation of underage athletes, legal guardians are asked to be well aware that:

  • That the minor has the physical and psychological characteristics to face the competition
  • Who has the technical knowledge to deal with it.
  • That you can travel the track in conditions that are not a hindrance or danger to the other competitors.


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