Bib lookup

This year both you and your friends are race photographers. We have connected our Pic2GO image recognition system with the photos you send us: all your photos, and those of your friends, will be processed and published on the runners page, but that’s not enough, the most shared and appreciated will win some beautiful prizes New Balance!

Read all the details of the initiative and save this link on your smartphone

Enter your bib number and hit enter:

  1. Find your bib number from the entry list
  2. Search for your bib number file from this page
  3. Click on the file and print a copy for your backpack or trousers
  4. On race day, register your bib number from the box opposite to receive the free photos


  1. Printing or counterfeiting one’s own or other competitors’ race bib is a criminal offense as it is a counterfeit of an official document and will be presecuted by law.
  2. These bib numbers are not recognized by the timing system and do not constitute a valid participation document but have the simple function for better recognition of the competitor.
Numero / Number Dimensione/Size
Numero / Number Dimensione/Size
00010.4 MiB80
00020.4 MiB55
00030.4 MiB49
00040.4 MiB48
00050.4 MiB42
00060.4 MiB56
00070.4 MiB43
00080.4 MiB57
00090.4 MiB69
00100.4 MiB62