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We care deeply about respecting competitor’s personal information, and as stated in the 2020 Privacy Policy,we ensure the security and integrity of your information to the highest level of care.

We do not retain your details after the race, except for those relating to vouchers or deferred entries, and those required by ITRA and classified as public, which are also accessible in SuperCalssificaS1 .

All your personal information about the past edition is in an offline archive that will be overwritten once the next edition takes place.

It is possible to sign up by one social security code or email per event, so, to sign up multiple people you need to create multiple profiles.

So, to access the website It will then be necessary for you to register as a new user .

Updates 2022:

  • From the 2022 edition will be given the option to keep, for convenience, a history of registrations made only for profiles complete and correct in all data, and accessible only to the competitor
  • From the 2022 edition in the “my account” section in the “Liability Disclaimer” section, you can already decide whether or not to have your name appear in the public list of runners.

You can examine in detail the mode and type of processing of your data:

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