🏁🏃🏻‍♂️🔟 Race bibs S1: the first interactive race bibs!

Before understanding how the bibs are made, check where your bib is from this page.

Bibs at S1 points can ONLY be collected at S1 points during shop opening hours.

If your bib is not in an S1 point, then you can pick it up at the Bora Village as indicated in the program.

For S1 Ultra & S1 Ipertrail the bib delivery is only at the Bora Village. Detail info Ultra and Ipertrail.

Each bib on the front has a Pic2Go tag: do you know that photoshooting service that most races charge you about 30 euros? At Corsa della Bora, we will pay it for you, and you can have the photos for free. You just have to register on the site to indicate how to receive them. From this year, both those who run and those attending the race can become race photographers and win beautiful New Balance prizes, read all the information from this page and save the link.


But that’s not enough, for best visibility you can get a second copy of the bib, to attach to the backpack or pants, just download it from this page. We remind you that the bib is an official title and using it differently from how directed, altering it or falsifying it is not only an infringement of our regulations, but it is also a criminal offense that can be prosecuted by law.


On the back of the bib you will find:


1) Access to the interactive map with the position of the shuttles in real-time. In the event of abandon of the race, you know exactly where the bus is, and then you can stay warm until the last moment before going to the bus stop.

2) Access to shuttle timetables

3) Emergency numbers: our switchboard has 30 lines and staff speaking Italian, Slovenian, English, and German. We have two contact numbers, the Italian one +39 040 411341 and the Slovenian one +386 17774122 both connect the operating room 24 hours a day. Do not select a rescue option if you are not in danger and you simply need information.

4) Altimetric profile of the race, with an indication of the time barriers.

5) Access code to the shuttles and pasta party: in the morning, when taking the shuttle, make sure you have the bib number clearly visible and this code at hand. For your convenience, you can also photograph it and keep a copy on your phone. However, know that at the check we will always check that the code is used only once and that it corresponds to the original bib number that the operator has in front of his eyes. Therefore the copy on the mobile phone must always be accompanied by the original bib with the CHIP.