How can I transfer my bib to another person?

To transfer the bib to another person, it is necessary to follow the online procedure.

This procedure must be completed by both runners: the person who gives the bib and the profile of the recipient of the bib must be complete its mandatory data, under penalty of invalidation of the procedure.

  1. If “YOUR REGISTRATION” appears at the top right of the Menu, select “LOGOUT”

  2. Then go to

  3. Select Transfer to another person


  4. Continue

  5. On the payment page, enter the other person’s name in the Notes field


  6. If you are the one who receives the bib, once you have got the payment confirmation, at the top right click on YOUR PROFILE and then on RUNNER PROFILE complete all the fields with an asterisk and SAVE with the button at the bottom of the page. If you do not complete step 6 the procedure is invalid

The management of registrations has a cost, both in terms of bank commissions, and in terms of materials and accounting and administrative work behind it. Apart from this aspect, we ask for a symbolic contribution for these operations also for a double check requirement: the payment of a small amount, in the case of the bib transfer, that both parties have completed a profile, entering the necessary data, and have proved their identity.

This is to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, and worse still, unacceptable manouvers of identity dissimulation.

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