How do you calculate the times of the different stat waves?

The race time of each competitor is calculated on the microchip he wears on the bib. The time in the standings is “real-time”, ie the real-time that the competitor takes to travel the space between the starting line and the finish.

Timing is done with very high-quality decoders and antennas and on the same platform also used for the London Marathon. The times are therefore extremely accurate.

The starting groups are assigned based on the athlete’s performance level, so it makes no sense to ask for changes because you have been placed in a homogeneous group with respect to your level. Leaving earlier involves disqualification.

If you believe there is a clear mistake in the assignment of the wave, send us an email with the supporting documentation. This documentation will be examined only if the registration was made after the term in which we requested and announced the waves and therefore the assignment was made independently by us. Basically, we requested your performance index with 3 emails. If you ignored them we will not make changes, if you signed up later and there is a valid reason, we will provide for a physical replacement of the bib and consequent movement of the wave.

The waves have been created to improve everyone’s time, avoid lines and increase the comfort level. The suggestion therefore is to start at the head of your wave, or in the queue, in order to wait as much as possible behind the star and make the race shell and it is easier to overcome (if you want to overcome).