What are the “Soccorso Alpino” bibs?

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If online registrations are only open with the “Mountain Rescue / Soccorso Alpino” option, this means that the maximum number of “ordinary” places has been reached.



At the beginning of the year, we assign the maximum number of competitors for each race, in addition to which the remaining places go in favor of the Alpine Rescue. It is a fixed quota that if modified, would void the sense of this initiative.



The mechanism: we make a count of how many places are available and how many of them cover the costs of the race.
The Corsa della Bora is not an initiative to make a profit, so once the operating costs are covered, the remaining places that can be run safely are devolved to the people that everyday guard on our trails.

Other races raise the price, earning more, precisely on those places that already have a very high margin.
We do the opposite: we give up the most profitable sale, to the most valuable BIBS, because we are grateful and aware of the value of the service that is given to us free of charge every day.


These bibs are identical to the normal ones, they differ only in color and because they do not have a goodie bag, just to maximize the amount to be given in support.

Those who purchase them have the same services: shuttle, wardrobe, refreshments, same ranking, finisher medal, showers, massages, pasta party, insurance and much more, but do something more than the other competitors. Give up something of your own, like us at S1, to help one day help others every day.
The best way to start the year with a good star.
All those who buy these bibs, then receive an email confirming the payment to the beneficiary.


The amount is equally split between the Slovenian and Italian Alpin Rescue teams, according to the km covered

It is possible to have the race goodie bag also with a Mountain Rescue bib, but it is necessary to request it as an extra.