A spectacular route, with continuous changes of panorama and background. A unique scenario that embodies the characteristics of the high mountains, but by the sea.

The best food and wine specialties of the Karst of Trieste and Slovenia for refreshment, for those who want to tackle the race with the spirit of travel and fun.

The Corsa della Bora expresses these concepts in very different tracks from each other going to meet the needs of each runner: from those who love the road and want to focus on a fast and almost road track, to those who love demanding terrain and want grapple with technical sections

Confirmed on 2 - 3 January 2021

The races of Corsa della Bora

8 races for every level of preparation and commitment: from 16 km on the beautiful Duino cliffs overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, to ever longer distances: 21, 42, 57, 164 km on breathtaking tracks, always varied and never repetitive for the joy of every runner and trail runner. In addition there is the Adventure Race Ipertrail with 173 km in GPS navigation


At the refreshment points the best food and wine specialties of the Karst of Trieste and Slovenia, for those who want to face the race with the spirit of travel and fun


S1 Sprint: 16 km of pure adrenaline with 440 meters of positive altitude difference, steep climbs very fast descents and breathtaking landscapes. A track that can be tackled by those who start running but also by those who want to give their best on distances under 20 km on a unique beauty ring


We could call it "Marathon 3.0" or "Urban Eco Marathon": a real evolution of the marathon concept, to return to the origins of the Marathon itself. An evolution towards a future that learns and is inspired by the past, to the most authentic one: a 42 km race from Marathon to Athens, on a track first uphill and then gradually downh


20 km 500 D+ S1 Half, 21 km breathtaking: from the mountains to the sea in a continuous alternation of fast terrain with some technical passages. The essence of running in the mountains, by the sea! The s1 half-track follows the old paths of local fishermen, those who were the first CAI 1, before it was enlarged and restored. An i


Solo 57 km or Relay 25 + 32 km. The 57 km course of Corsa della Bora, in 2021 will have a completely revolutionized route, which in the first stretch will not only cross Val Rosandra but also climb Mount Cocusso:  the highest peak of the Trieste Karst. A very fast start towards the first ascent: steep but technically easy, to roc


79.7 km 3030 m D+ 2940 m D- e Challenge 96 km / 120 km The white of the limestone of the karst ridges meets the headlamp giving evocative reflections in a scenario where the lights of distant Trieste, overlooking the sea, are always visible in the background, a finish line that shows up but cannot be reached without effort!

News from la Corsa della bora

  • Sono consentiti gli spostamenti tra regioni e comuni in quanto Competizione di Rilevanza Nazionale riconosciuta dal CONI ai sensi del DPCM 02/11, confermato dai successivi. Spostamenti consentiti per allenarsi e partecipare alla manifestazione, come sancito dallo stesso DPCM e spiegato sul sito del ...

  • We do not want to organize the race at any cost, but we want to do it in safety and if the conditions are right for it. This situation, even with the vaccine, will last for a long time: we, therefore, want to start rethinking the way of organizing the races and apply a new scheme that creates safet...

  • Anticipations: We are dealing with the purchase of 2000 quick swabs for competitors, in the event that the conditions are the same as those provided for in the Post DPCM of 3/11 and before the travel restrictions in place during this period. The only thing that is wrong at the moment is the availabi...

  • Un corso rivolto sia agli escursionisti che ai trail runner, e a tutti quelli che scoprire nuovi sentieri e nuovi percorsi. ...

  • We think at the rules for preventing the spread of COVID-19 as a new everyday routine. We can organize and participate safely to a race, and we can offer good service to the runners!...

  • Non ostante i tempi infausti la giovata di domenica dovrebbe essere caratterizzata da un tiepido sole e regalarci le condizioni ideali per un ottimo allenamento. La finalità è quella di simulare in tutto e per tutto, per voi, come per noi, quelle che sono le procedure da seguire durante un evento or...

  • These months of preparation towards the next edition of the Corsa della Bora have been characterized by an intense study of the safety protocols and their implementation, keeping an eye on providing an enjoyable event in conditions of added safety. According to the legal provisions in force until 24...

  • DUE APPUNTAMENTI DA NON PERDERE IL 1 NOVEMBRE 2020 ALLE ORE 10.00: La Val Rosandra più “dura” (prova gara S1 Trail 57 km e Night trail 80 km)Prova percorso che interessa la Corsa della Bora 57 km e 80 km, Un anello molto impegnativo che racchiude in se i tratti più tecnici e panoramici della va...

  • On the 21 km and 57 the runners are already a lot and the prices are going towards the highest slot, so hurry up to get a convenient price. The 21 km race is near to reach the 35 euro price instead of the actual 29 euro! On the 80 km we asked the authorities for an increase of participants, given...

faq about the race

All the parking info are listed in the  RACE GUIDE. 
If you didn’t read the Race Guide, read it now.

To make things easier we summarized here the key info:

We have plenty of parking spots. However, to create more, we have even closed a road. We invite you, if possible, to use public transportation and the S1 shuttles that connect the center of Trieste to the Bora Village.

Up to 10.00 am it will be possible to park in the area around the Bora Village, from 10.00 onwards the traffic will be closed and it will be possible only to go out.

The 2021 edition will take place on January 3rd. The hours and dates shown therefore refer to January 3, 2021



A great alternative is to park in PortoPiccolo, get off in the bay by car and from the parking lot take the elevator towards Cava Alta that leads to the coast road.

There are 1500 meters on foot, but it allows you to park comfortably and for free indoors and to visit PortoPiccolo.


Additional parking:


There are three options.


  1. Train: Visogliano stop. Fast and 150 meters from Bora Village.
    Click here and select Departure Trieste Centrale arrival Sistiana Visogliano
  2. Local bus line 44: Sistiana stop. Trieste Transport Timetable
  3. Airport shuttle (suggested solution): direct and fast. All the info here.


Click on the map to download the printable version



Caricare il certificato medico, fornire il numero di Runcard o tessera Fidal e inserire il codice fiscale sono richiesti solo per la 42.

Se non corri la 42 km leggi questa FAQ.

Se sei un concorrente della 42 km puoi proseguire qui.

  1. Accedi al to profilo da questo link.blank

  2. Fai click su Runner Profile e compila i dati mancanti

  3. Alla domanda: “A quale gara sei iscritto? Rispondi: 42 km.


  4. Ti verrà consentito quindi di inserire:

    1. Codice Fiscale

    2. Data scadenza certificato medico

    3. Upload documento

    4. Ente o Federazione di appartenenza

    5. Numero di tessera

  5. Scorri la pagina fino in fondo e Salva le informazioni

Nota bene: non è stato inserito alcun controllo sulla validità delle tessere e delle Runcard in quanto per la maggior parte degli iscritti, al momento dell’iscrizione sono valide ma al momento della gara saranno scadute. E’ tuo dovere provvedere al rinnovo in tempo. Il 1 gennaio verrà effettuato un controllo di massa sul database FIDAL e le tessere non valide verranno notificate con conseguente impossibilità a partecipare in caso di mancato rinnovo prima della gara.



Our association and our volunteers put all their commitment and many resources throughout the year to organize the Corsa della Bora This commitment means a large investment, both financially and laborious.

Parallel to this, there is the desire to protect the safety of competitors as much as possible and understand all causes of force majeure.

IL which translates into an approach of maximum protection of the competitor and safety, as regards objective issues, and a less complete protection policy regarding i “change program”.

Bib sales, modifications, delegates, personal injuries

Event cancellation

The event takes place but “they don’t let me participate”

However, in the drafting of the regulation, it does not fall into the case in which the event can take place but the competitor is unable to participate for non-personal reasons other than serious injury (Article 7). We will wait until 2021 to formalize this change, which for fairness we do not add now, as changing the regulation after the registration of many is not a practice in the name of transparency.

We then proceed with the interpretation of the current regulation in a perspective of maximum favor of the competitor, i.e. if you cannot travel, you cannot participate for non-personal reasons other than injury, the same policy applies as reimbursement of cancellation due to the inability to run the event. A practical example could be a legal ban on travel to or from departure or destination. The competitor’s inability to travel is considered to be the organizer’s inability to carry out the event. A protection never seen before.

Finally, a clarification is necessary: the work to carry out the event in maximum safety is enormous. only the health and local authorities to judge if the event is possible. Obviously the same goes for the travel ban. It follows that the “voices”, the “forecasts” or the “considerations” of more or less accredited experts cannot be put on the same level as the Health and/or Territorial Authority.

Exchange, refund, cancellation, and transfer policies are therefore always implemented at real conditions of the moment in which the request is made.

For example if a competitor requests a refund why provides catastrophic weather, pandemics or other events that could cause cancellation, but at the moment no decree-law or disposition of the health or territorial authorities or communication of the organization foresees these facts, the request does not fall within the real causes, but in a personal interpretation. This request is subject to article 7 of the regulation or only the transfer to third parties is allowed.

Conclusions and advice

  • Read what we are doing to organize a safe event
  • If you cannot participate in serious injuries, we will protect you to the maximum, more than the other races, with the conditions of article 31
  • If you cannot participate due to grief or serious personal reasons, we will protect you to the maximum, more than the other races, with the conditions of article 31
  • If you do not want to participate because you have sprained yourself or are not in maximum shape or for any physical problem not described and certified by a specialist who certifies the impossibility to participate on the date of the event, you can choose a shorter distance or sell your registration.
  • If you think it will be bad weather, you can give the bib to a third party.
  • If you think the race will be canceled but it has not been canceled, you can sell the bib to another runner
  • If you think you will be sick, you can give the bib to another runner.
  • If you think you won’t be able to come, you can give the bib to another runner.
  • If the race is canceled, you will be protected as per article 31 with coverage of up to 120% of the value.
  • If you are prevented from traveling, you will be protected under article 31 with coverage of up to 120% of the value.

Have you decided what to do?
Bib Transfer – Change Distance Contact

In the event of a canceled race, we will proceed automatically as per the regulations.

To transfer the bib to another person, it is necessary to follow the online procedure.

This procedure must be completed by both runners: the person who gives the bib and the profile of the recipient of the bib must be complete its mandatory data, under penalty of invalidation of the procedure.

  1. If “YOUR REGISTRATION” appears at the top right of the Menu, select “LOGOUT”

  2. Then go to

  3. Select Transfer to another person


  4. Continue

  5. On the payment page, enter the other person’s name in the Notes field


  6. If you are the one who receives the bib, once you have got the payment confirmation, at the top right click on YOUR PROFILE and then on RUNNER PROFILE complete all the fields with an asterisk and SAVE with the button at the bottom of the page. If you do not complete step 6 the procedure is invalid

The management of registrations has a cost, both in terms of bank commissions, and in terms of materials and accounting and administrative work behind it. Apart from this aspect, we ask for a symbolic contribution for these operations also for a double check requirement: the payment of a small amount, in the case of the bib transfer, that both parties have completed a profile, entering the necessary data, and have proved their identity.

This is to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, and worse still, unacceptable manouvers of identity dissimulation.

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The change of distance is subject to the availability of BIBS in the desired race. So always make sure that registrations for that race are open.

In case of health problems, even if not documented by a medical certificate, but real, it is possible to ask or a downgrade even at the last moment, but always following the indicated procedure.

1. If you see “YOUR REGISTRATION” at the top right, select “LOGOUT”

2. From here select Extra Services

3 – Select “Race Change”


4 – Enter the amount to pay: if the race you are interested in costs 65 euros and you paid 29 then you will enter 65-29 = 36 to which you will add 1.1 euros of commission.

Always use this formula: (current cost of the desired race) – (amount paid) + (commission 1.1 euro)

If it is a downgrade enter only 1.1 euros


5 – Enter the name of the desired race in the notes field

Then access your profile, and if necessary, add the missing data, select the payment method and confirm.


6- You will immediately receive an email confirming the purchase of the option, after 24-36 you will receive an email confirming the change.

1 – Accedi al tu runner profile da questa pagina

2- Seleziona “LA TUA ISCRIZIONE” e quindi “PAGAMENTO”


3 – Seleziona il metodo di pagamento desiderato, accetta le condizioni, e premi “PAGA PER L’ORDINE”



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