Update on Ipertrail 2024: Exclusive to only 20 Runners.

Ipertrail2024 was originally conceived as an event intended for 100 participants; now, it is aimed at only 20 entrants in the FULL version, another 20 with a shuttle service included for the start and finish, and 20 more in the purely SELF version.

Our desire is to get to know you personally, one by one, and to make you feel as if you are at home. We offer free photos along the Ipertrail route, with a dedicated photographer and video maker for every group of 20 competitors. The staff and assistance will always be at your disposal: a small group, but looked after in every single detail.

Many of you understand or can easily guess that Ipertrail is an event organized at a loss, where the entry fees cover less than half of the costs of the services offered. We manage to accomplish this thanks to the unconditional support of sponsors and volunteers, maintaining a competition with an authentic spirit, intended not only for top runners or those who can afford high expenses but for those who understand the true meaning of the race.

We have already confirmed 4 huts, each with a capacity of 20 people in shared rooms. On the last two stages, the capacity will be doubled, reaching 40 people. The huts are aesthetically pleasing, immaculate, modern, and managed by enthusiastic and motivated staff. We have spent hours in discussion with the managers, pondering what to prepare to eat and how to organize an epic adventure like Ipertrail. Returning home after these meetings, we felt not tired, but very satisfied, motivated, and excited. Not so much for the professional result achieved, but for the energy and atmosphere we have created together. This is exactly what we want to replicate during the race itself.

Here’s What Ipertrail 2024 Will Be Like:

Hut Logistics

The first three huts are situated 30-45 minutes away on a forest road from the nearest town, a somewhat rugged track surrounded by nature and away from any shops or facilities. A suitable vehicle for rough roads will be needed to reach them. The final location is in a picturesque Karst village, accessible via paved road.


20 spots are available for the FULL version, encompassing all services, including transportation from Trieste to Ljubljana. Participants in this category will have a guaranteed bed in the hut, shower facilities, and the transport of a bag for clothing changes. Those opting for the FULL version can simply enjoy the stage, knowing everything they need will be waiting for them at the end.

All other participants can opt for the SELF registration, which does not include overnight stays in a mountain hut. Each individual is free to decide whether to book accommodation in a hotel, B&B, or farm stay. Additionally, shuttle services to and from the start and end points of each stage can be purchased separately.

How to Tackle Ipertrail

The race unfolds on easy-to-navigate hiking trails with minimal elevation changes, guided by GPS tracking. Competitors have the option to engage in a highly competitive spirit, running at full strength and using the time between stages for recovery, or to take a more relaxed approach, knowing they have 12 hours for each stage and can treat the course like a leisurely and enjoyable trek. The charm of Ipertrail lies in its adaptability, allowing each participant to experience the event in a way that suits their preferences and abilities.

Race Costs

SELF: €150 (31/08), €170 (01/11), €190 (01/12)
FULL: €550 (31/08), €650 (01/11), €850 (01/12)

Ipertrail Starter:

Those who have chosen to do only one stage or more stages. If you intend to use the shuttle, select the option from your profile. Valid until exhausted.


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