We will start printing the bibs soon!

November 21st is the deadline to register and have a personalized bib with your name, nationality, and race you have chosen. Then we will send the bibs to print and if you register or pre-register after this date, you will receive a beautiful bib … but without your name! 😿

Only for those registered who have completed the payment by November 21, it will also be possible to request the shipment of the bib at home via courier as an extra. Shipping is available in all countries of Europe!

Those who register after November 21st will be able to collect the bib at the Bora Village at the times shown on the website.

From 1 December, prices will also increase again, even for those who have used a discount code to block the price. Please note that the bibs on the 164, 80, and 57 km races are running out.

Don’t waste more time and money, register now.

You can still pre-register with a 5 euros deposit and decide not to pay your pre-registration yet, your bib will remain guaranteed and reserved for you, printed with your name, but you will pay the balance at the current price of the payment time.

  • Your name, your team
  • If you have booked the shuttle you will have the ship on your bib! You can also book it later, and we will give you a sticker
  • Each race has numbers in different colors


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