Bora Family with a tour guide!

Sports and culture join hands in this new initiative aimed at blending the joy of outdoor activities with the excitement of discovering and being moved by new territories and their stories! The most inclusive and accessible walk of the major event “Corsa della Bora” just got more thrilling with a nature guide available to the Family participants for exploring the landscape they traverse on foot.

This new opportunity stems from a collaboration between ASD SentieroUNO and KAMEN, the Widespread Museum of Quarries and Stone of Aurisina, a cultural entity promoted by the Municipality of Duino Aurisina. This initiative seeks to enhance the area through its stone and related elements: quarries, karst phenomena, caves, landscapes.

Therefore, an ESTPLORE nature guide will accompany the “Family” participants on one of the most scenic yet straightforward sections of the race, from Santa Croce to Aurisina, following the Salvia road.

And if the Family’s goal is to reach the finish line, why not seize the chance for a short, highly scenic detour? Guided throughout, once near Vedetta Weiss, the more curious participants can take a special “variant” to visit the overhead extraction basins of the “Karst marble”. Open for over 2000 years and still active, these quarries have supplied exquisite Karst stone across all continents. Overlooking the vast pits and interpreting the landscape and several striking details will make this detour unforgettable.

After returning from the detour (about 40 minutes), the race track will resume as usual, still accompanied by the guide, leading to Porto Piccolo and the Bora Village.


Meet at the Santa Croce Fishing Museum, a refreshment point for the event. At the center of Santa Croce at 11:15 AM, the group will traverse the historic village and head towards the panoramic Salvia Road, leading to the second refreshment point at the Aurisina sports field. Stops will be made occasionally to share the history and features of the territory passed through.

After the break, the guide will continue along the race track up to the junction with Vedetta Weiss and from there will take a detour to the extraction basins: this deviation will bring participants back to the same point of departure from the track after about 40 minutes.

Once registered for the S1 Family, you can request free registration for the guided excursion by clicking on the “Start from Santa Croce with Nature Guide” box in the registration profile and remember to save your data.

For more information on the Guided Tour:

Tel. 340 763 4805


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