Ipertrail2024: Frequently asked questions

On this page, which will be constantly updated until the race day, we will collect questions and answers about Ipertrail2024.

Is food included in the FULL price? If not, what is the cost for breakfast and hot dinner at the huts?

In the FULL package, accommodations and half-board are included from the second stage up to the penultimate one (Vrhnika – Javornik – Nanos – Kras). Specifically, breakfast is Mediterranean style, featuring tea, coffee, jam, and bread. Dinner includes a main course and a dessert, such as a traditional soup (Jota) with sausage or a vegetarian version, and strudel. Pasta, Ghiocchi, and Polenta are other options. Additional dishes from the menu can be ordered at your expense. Lunch is not included. Extras at the huts average between 10-12 euros for a main course and 5-7 euros for desserts.

Are there refreshment stations along the route for food/drinks?

Yes, at least one refreshment station managed by the organization is planned along the route, offering hot tea, Coca-Cola, water, cookies, sandwiches, and dried fruit. During the first two stages, the route passes by huts and inns where you can stop and get supplies at your own expense. In stages 3, 4, and 5, no other supply points are planned outside those organized. External support outside these points is not permitted.

Will my luggage (maximum 60 liters) be transported between stages? Should it include the sleeping bag?

Yes, the sleeping bag must be included in your luggage, which the organization will take care of transporting from one stage to another. We understand that colder weather requires bulkier clothing. However, you will have access to a shower and a warm environment to dry your wet clothes every day. We suggest that your 60-liter luggage includes the following: 5 sets of underwear and socks, 3 long-sleeved shirts, 2 long pants, a sleeping bag, extra shoes, an extra jacket, a poncho, an extra hat, an extra pair of gloves, a microfiber towel, personal hygiene items, and a powerbank. This should comfortably fit in a 60-liter volume, leaving room for extra food, books, etc.

What time does the bus depart from Trieste to Ljubljana for the start? Is it included in the price or how much does it cost?

If you opt for the “FULL” package, bus transportation is included and will depart from Bora Village. Always check the official race page for updated schedules. The bus takes about 90 minutes to reach Ljubljana, so it will depart 90 minutes before the start of the race.

Where can I park a car near the bus station in Trieste for 5 days? Is it free?

Parking is available at the Bora Village, in a covered area dedicated to the participants of the Ipertrail. Parking is free of charge.

Do you expect snow along the route? (past experiences?) Is the use of snow chains/spikes recommended?

The route varies with each edition. In past years (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023) we have not encountered snow on the highest points of the 2024 route. However, the possibility of encountering some snow along the route cannot be ruled out. In such a case, we will make modifications to the route. Bringing running spikes could be a good idea; you can decide whether to include them in your backpack before the race starts.


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