How is the weather in Trieste in January?


Cold and dry
or Warm and wet?

Two winds meets in Trieste: The cold wind of Bora which brings a clear sky, bright colors and incredible views of the mountains overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, or the warm wind of Scirocco that brings humidity but higher temperatures?


Whether you will find Bora or Scirocco, it will always be a race of unique beauty and incredible charm.


How to dress

Even if during the race you might want to stay in short sleeves and shorts, you must always have a thermal layer with you and a long trousers or a solution that can cover your legs. Here the climate is always characterized by variability!


Wonderful sunsets on a very blue sea or the contrast of the plumbous on an oil-colored sea?


In any case, the best place where to run on January 6th!


Min and Max

In 2017 the 57 km competitors started with – 5 ° at 7.30, which became 8 degrees Celsius in the central hours of the day.


In 2018 the temperature never dropped below zero, touching 11 degrees Celsius during the day.


In 2019 we had a sunny day with a minimum of 2 degrees and a maximum of 8 degrees Celsius.


In 2020, the temperature never dropped below zero Celsius, hitting 11 degrees during the day.


Never underestimate the variability of the weather: here the frigid winds of the North are meeting the warm winds of the Adriatic.


As a result, we have a landscape of unique beauty that offers a relatively mild climate, despite having a typical mountain terrain. But be careful not to underestimate the Bora!

Same day, same year, 2 different runners