We are not putting out this fire

In these days we have received dozens and dozens of messages from competitors from all over Europe with words of support and affection for the whole Team S1 following the catastrophic fire on the Karst. Many ask us if we are okay and which sections of the route are affected by the fire.

We all experience the Karst as something of our own, indeed, of our own, “My Karst”, “Moj Kras”, “Mio Carso”, so it makes little sense to talk about which sections of the race track were affected. A couple of km on the 164 km, just to liquidate the question. Fortunately, we are fine, but we are wounded in the soul and some of our volunteers have been on the front line in facing this catastrophe. In Udine these days, unfortunately, fighting the fire, a volunteer from the Civil Protection has passed away.

At first, a white and reddish smoke mushroom appeared, which was so reminiscent of an atomic explosion.

Immediately after a heavy atmosphere and unbreathable air, with a layer of ash in the Monfalconese area.

Images and sensations that have affected everyone and we will remember for a lifetime.

The column of smoke on the first day stood out against the blue sky, overlooking the emerald vegetation and the turquoise sea, and then slowly descend, until it collapsed and enveloped the whole area in a heavy and pestiferous blanket.

An apocalyptic sunset, where ash and smoke were rekindled by the reflections of the sun, transforming the spectacle of the sun setting over the Gulf of Trieste into a macabre warning. A heavy, dark and far from all hope atmosphere, almost evoking the suggestions of Blade Runner.

The night came and passed. The sun rose and slowly the air became clear and breathable again. The cloud dissolved. The Canadair and the helicopters stopped the continuous shuttle from the Gulf of Trieste to the Karst.

Very white rocks stand out on a bed of black ash, illuminated by the rays of the sun, which finally manages to pierce the deadly cloud.

The skeletons of our black pines and sumac remain standing, blackened in snapshots of a last cry of pain from our land, plants, animals and the soul of the Karst.

A scenario that catapults us back more than a hundred years, to the Great War, when the Karst, bathed only by blood and suffering, was just as it appears today.

The pain is enormous, but the response was strong and with a unique voice. Hundreds of firefighters and volunteers from the Italian and Slovenian Civil Protection worked together. Voluntary associations, individuals and institutions have fought this battle together.

What we can do is write these words addressing all of you who have raced the Corsa della Bora and have sent words of esteem, concern and support from every corner of Europe, thanking you and turning your affection and gratitude to the real heroes of these days. , those who fought this war on the front line, thanking them not only in our name, but also in your name. Thank you.

This tragedy has violently reminded us how everything we take for granted can be destroyed at any moment.

These moments of pain and adrenaline that made us find cohesion and unity, make us always keep burning the ardent love for our land and the desire to collaborate with a common goal and a purpose: to defend the beauty of our planet and life, that is the only fire we don’t put out.

photo: ilgoriziano.it, Facebook: Anna Cisint, Gattolandia Cividale, Sei di Duino se, Fulvio Pav, Protezione Civile Duino Aurisina


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