La Corsa della Bora with you at all races, all year round!

A water-repellent and insulating microfleece sheet, size 130×150 cm with thermal lining: ideal for a summer picnic, to spread it out on the lawn and rest after a race or to wrap yourself up and protect yourself from the cold in the middle of winter. Being waterproof it can also become a shelter for the rain.

We will start printing the bibs soon!

November 21st is the deadline to register and have a personalized bib with your name, nationality, and race you have chosen. Then we will send the bibs to print and if you register or pre-register after this date, you will receive a beautiful bib … but without your name!

Pay two races, the third is free!

If you pay two similar distances, the third is free.

Simple, straightforward and with no hidden strings.

For example, if you run S1 Half in January and Tarvisio Snow Trail in February, then Alpe Adria Trail in May is 100% free, including the race goodie bag, medal and services.

Prices are rising for everyone, but not for you!

We have decided to give maximum convenience now and therefore there are no (and possible) other promotions or discounts for groups, companies or S1 points.
On the other hand, with pre-registration you save up to 40 euros on registration and help us plan and organize the race in the best possible way.

Trieste: “melting pot” standing between sea and mountains

Running in Trieste means breathing in this atmosphere, which the poet Rilke, from the Duino cliffs, summarizes in the simple phrase: “Being here is wonderful”, or better to use his words, “Hiersein Ist Herrlich”, or in Slovenian “Biti tu je čudovito ”and in English language of science and international“ Being here is Glorious ”.

We are not putting out this fire​

The skeletons of our black pines and sumac remain standing, blackened in snapshots of a last cry of pain from our land, plants, animals and the soul of the Karst.

A scenario that catapults us back more than a hundred years, to the Great War, when the Karst, bathed only by blood and suffering, was just as it appears today.

Back to the roots

With a view to dreams and hope, we want to set ourselves goals, we want to believe in the future and we want you to do so too. We are therefore giving free registration to long races (over 42K) to those who have the dream of an ultra but have not been able to afford it economically. Free participation conditions are below.

S1 TV Corsa della Bora 2022

Live Results 2022 Live Ipertrail 2022 Registred Runners 2022 Photo 2022 Aggiornamenti live | Live update “Corsa della Bora 2022” In this first video of our schedule we present:20:00 Corsa della Bora – official video20:02 Ipertrail briefing in Italian20:09 Ipertrail briefing in English Live Results 2022 Live Ipertrail 2022 Registred Runners 2022 Photo 2022