La Corsa della Bora with you at all races, all year round!

A water-repellent and insulating microfleece sheet, size 130×150 cm with thermal lining: ideal for a summer picnic, to spread it out on the lawn and rest after a race or to wrap yourself up and protect yourself from the cold in the middle of winter. Being waterproof it can also become a shelter for the rain.

We changed everything! 10 years of the Corsa della Bora!

But the news doesn’t end there: we have completely

renewed the routes, with loop races

that will reduce the use of shuttles in many distances. In addition, the finish area will be housed in PortoPiccolo’s prestigious glass pavilion, with a breathtaking view of the sea: more hotspots and more post-race comfort. 🌊

Bora Family with a tour guide!

And if the Family’s goal is to reach the finish line, why not seize the chance for a short, highly scenic detour? Guided throughout, once near Vedetta Weiss, the more curious participants can take a special “variant” to visit the overhead extraction basins of the “Karst marble”.

Prova Percorso 58-82 km

11 km e circa 420 D + – Il percorso prevede la Salita al Cippo comici e una discesa agevole e da correre.
Indispensabile la scarpa da trail. Non necessari e forse di fastidio i bastoni, in quanto nel tratto più ripido (ma facile) è più agevole aiutarsi con le mani!

Run with Dinosaur Antonio!

Trail, Ultra Trail, e Running by the adriatic sea. Did you know that the Corsa della Bora – The Bora Wind Race 🌬️ passes close to Italy’s 🇮🇹 only dinosaur 🦖 site?


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