La Corsa della Bora with you at all races, all year round!

A water-repellent and insulating microfleece sheet, size 130×150 cm with thermal lining: ideal for a summer picnic, to spread it out on the lawn and rest after a race or to wrap yourself up and protect yourself from the cold in the middle of winter. Being waterproof it can also become a shelter for the rain.

Run with Dinosaur Antonio!

Trail, Ultra Trail, e Running by the adriatic sea. Did you know that the Corsa della Bora – The Bora Wind Race 🌬️ passes close to Italy’s 🇮🇹 only dinosaur 🦖 site?

The Ceremony of the Bora Winds

“Discovered traces of an ancient and sacred ritual, hailing from the late globalist era post-pandemic, that engaged groups of individuals in a wild race, guided by the ancient winds of Hellenic gods. This ritual, imbued with mysticism and passion, not only heralded the new year but seemed to infuse well-being, vitality, and symbolized the very essence of starting anew, a rite untouched by the inflation and frenzied price hikes of the early 21st century.”

August 31st: Price Increase!

August 31st is the last day to take advantage of the current prices for the Bora race events. Register now and save before the costs increase. Don’t miss this opportunity!


The Corsa della Bora is more than a ranking; it will be a life’s experience.

With growth as its goal, it opens up a firm, thrilling future.

It’ll stand as a landmark.

The Cliffs of Duino, Trieste, the multilingual terrain,

They’ll speak the language of Karst and Bora.

A pivotal point in our collective journey:

The world will come to us, we’ll venture into the world,

But always with our hearts anchored to the Sea and the Karst,

Where together we’ll be part of a grander tale.

Less than a month until price increase!

You have less than a month to register at the same price as the senators, that is, those who have participated in all but one edition of the Corsa della Bora – The Bora Wind Race, and at the same price as sports clubs, a price we’ve kept unchanged since 2020.

Night Trail: A Journey Through Day and Night, Mountains and Sea.

Holger Schulze, a passionate trailer from Munich, is a veteran of the Corsa della Bora, and has already participated in our race three times, particularly in the 57 km distance. He is fascinated by the marvelous landscape and the opportunity to run a challenging ultramarathon with pleasant temperatures already in January. In this article, we will explore the 82 km course through his eyes.


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