Let’s discover the 2022 race goodie bag!

A race goodie bag in full “Bora style”, for those registered for the Corsa della Bora 2022. In addition to the goodie pack, there will be a finisher’s medal for all those who reach the finish line, both for competitive and non-competitive distances. Login to your runner profile to reserve your size, after November11 the […]

🤴☀️ 🌬️The King of the Winds at the 2022 Bora Run. 👸 Will Queen Bora be there? 🏃😀

It is the effigy of the King of the Winds, Aeolus, represented on windrose, “Rosa dei Venti” on the Molo Audace, reminds everyone from where the Bora wind blows. And it is the Bora, blown by King Aeolus, which is the protagonist on the medal of the 2022 edition of the Corsa della Bora. A superb award for all finishers!

Before the race, you can’t miss a visit to the Molo Audace and its Rosa dei Venti to admire Trieste and Piazza Unità d’Italia, as a good luck ritual before running.

How do I transfer my enrollment?

Please request the enrollment transfer, distance change, postponement (if you are eligible) by replying to the confirmation email of registration. You will get a code and your registration will be disabled.
Subscribe to the new distance or tell the person receiving the BIB to Register to the new distance by selecting “Transfer” as the payment method and entering the code received.

La Corsa della Bora: final routes 2022

The Corsa della Bora this year will be unique, as always in maximum safety, but also without exasperating the aspects that are creating division and confusion in this period. In Tarvisio, for Alpe Adria Ultra, we have opened changing rooms and showers, starting to go back to normality. If this will be possibile, we will also do the same at the Corsa della Bora.


Apart from beauty, what does it mean to arrive at PortoPiccolo?
– 1220 free covered parking spaces were to park your car.
– Dedicated finish area and after-race services in a separate area: everything at your fingertips without having to look for anything.
– Apartments for rent on the finish line at special prices. Maximum comfort and convenience for an unforgettable weekend.
– SPA and Restaurants open during the race.

I’m signing up… but not showing it!

We’ve lightened the burocracy and simplified the process, minimizing sign-up time, making it simple and straightforward while maintaining all customization options.